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Worldwide Wisdom Directory is proud to announce its new platform which is unique and affordable. New features include more links for social media, banners ads, photos, and videos that can easily be uploaded for more coverage. In addition we mention you and/or your event periodically on our social media sites. Call and ask for more information on Social Media and Marketing.

Your directory entries are controlled entirely by you. We have a members interface where you can log in and change any details whenever you desire! Notice the TABS: Listing Options • Event Options • Classified Options • Article Options • Banner Options NOTE: Classified and Article are now FREE !


Scroll down and clink on the Event Tab to Start Creating Your Listing Today!



Listings have all the features you want on one page! Diamond Listings include detailed descriptions & summary, photos, maps, video, categories, keywords and SEO tab, hours, star ratings with descriptions and more. You can also link your listing to your events and share your listing easily on social media. Listings help Google find your business and can move you up when people are searching for your type of profession or business.



Showcase your events with our fully featured Event Listings including photos, descriptions, date and location info, directions and reviews. Create one listing for regularly occurring events. Share your event on social media with one click. Your events show up in different modules across our website and we promote you through articles, blogs, social media posts and networking. Event Listings help Google find your event and can help with exposure.



Blogs are a great way to build readership and complement your directory listings. Our blog module is fully featured, and search engine optimized. Beautifully designed article pages create engaging reader experiences by adding photos and HTML elements in your posts. Directory members can rate, bookmark and comment on their favorite posts. Customize your blog or article more by selecting appropriate Categories.



Banner advertisements are your space to design. They can be images, flash or even script. Display banners can be targeted for specific modules or categories. There are 4 sizes of banners to choose from, see the [Banner Tab] for dimensions - then click the [sample] button for a preview of the banner in a layout. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a Sliding Banner at the top of our website, as these options are not available here.



Our SEO code is structured for easy recognition, to index and understand what is important by search engines. Control SEO aspects through titles, keywords and descriptions. Our URL structure is optimized for your keywords and tags your content so search engines like Google can index your content better. Having a Directory Listing or Event Listing creates another optimized sitemap of your content, and help Google find your business when people are searching for your type of profession or business.



Our design department is happy to help with anything you need. From help with resizing an image, logo creation, description detail, uploading files, or even creating your entire listing, please reach out to us if you need help via email or phone.



Your sponsor account allows you to create an 'about me' profile, see recent activity with your listings, and easily create new listings with one click. 

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