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5,000-Year-Old Ancient Scriptures Describe Something Similar To Coronavirus

by Dr Manisha Mishra, Dr Smita Naram, Dr Partap Chauhan on

A coronavirus-like virus has been described in ancient ayurvedic scriptures about 5,000 years ago. Dr Smita Naram, founder and CMD of Ayushakti revealed that she was surprised to find a chapter called 'Krimi' i.e. infections, in the 'Charak Samhita' ... Read full article

Experts: Our Mental Strength Depends On Us All Reaching Out to Each Other

by Jennifer Jewell, Tamara Oser, Courtney Welton-Mitchell on

A social distancing mandate – as people lose their jobs, their savings, their graduation dreams or, worse, their loved ones – adds a new element to a crisis that experts predict will result in a major mental health fallout.... Read full article

Supporting Your Children’s Emotional Well-Being at Home

by Melissa Ramon on

Supporting Your Children’s Emotional Well-Being at Home. Our children need us to take the time to stop—to look at them as the miracles they are and for the little (or teen) person that is right in front of us.... Read full article

The Great Power And Great Responsibility Of Using Psychedelic Medicine


In recent years, clinical trials have identified multiple psychedelics as treatments for mental health disorders ranging from depression and anxiety to obsessive-compulsive disorder. ... Read full article

20 Pieces of Marriage Advice to Never Ignore by Gerald Rogers


20 Pieces of Marriage Advice To Never Ignore... Read full article

What's this "THING" called Energy?

by Ronney Aden on

What's this "Thing' called Energy?... Read full article

The Judging Virus

by Dick Dalton, PhD on

We all get infected with the judging virus as children. It affects how we see ourselves and others until we substitute a loving belief for the judging belief. Without this healing work we have no peace of mind.... Read full article

Message To The World From The Ceremonial Elders Of Whapmagoostui, QC Canada

by Chief Matthew Mukash. on

The current coronavirus is not Divine retribution. It is for all of us to realize that humanity has greatly violated the Natural Law. This law dictates that the Sun will rise in the East and set in the West until the end of time. ... Read full article

Laughter: Contagious Medicine To Help With The Coronavirus Pandemic

by Sondra Barrett, PhD on

Laughter: Contagious Medicine To Help With The Coronavirus Pandemic... Read full article

Elia Algood, Founder of Center For Becoming You

by Eila Algood on

Eila offers online programs, spiritual life coaching, spirit readings and more to help you connect with your higher self. Read her personal story here.... Read full article