How Your Akashic Record Keepers Can Support Your Life by Lisa Barnett

How Your Akashic Record Keepers Can Support Your Life by Lisa Barnett


The Akashic Records are vibrational recordings of your soul’s journey, from the time you first arise from Source until you eventually return home. This can take millennia. But no matter how new or ancient of a soul you are, the Akashic energy holds all your thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds from each lifetime. Whether it’s here on earth, this lifetime, a past life, another planet, another dimension or realm – all that you are and have been as a soul is recorded in your own, personal vibrational Akashic Library.

Many people imagine the Akashic Records as a library where each book represents a different lifetime. I have students who visualize the Records as a computer with all the information stored on the hard drive. You can also think of it as a road on the soul's journey's with off ramps for each lifetime. When a lifetime finishes, you simply get back on the road, traveling to the next exit.

You can open your Records to access thousands of years of information in your personal Akashic Library, which is filled with thousands of books. Each and every soul has their own personal Akashic Librarians, divine Beings of Light keeping track of your Records to help you identify information that is most helpful at any moment in time.

When you have a problem, the Record Keepers will locate the information to offer you information needed to learn a lesson, release karma and so much more. These Beings of Light serve us through support, guidance and by sharing with us our transformational information, whether it’s about a soul contract we’ve written before we came into this life, or by asking how to release old ancestral patterns, karma and past life contracts that negatively affect our current life.

Once you learn to access your Masters and Teachers, they will answer your personal questions about this life and any past lives which are affecting you today.   

When you realize that you came into life with a plan, as I did so many years ago, it becomes very useful to know you can access information about that plan. You came to complete karma, fulfill your past life vows, to be with someone special and to support people who are part of your soul family. Basically, you came here to advance your soul's growth through experiences and relationships with others.

Our human challenge is that as soon as we are born we forget the plan we came to work on. Because of our inability to see the bigger picture, at times we feel blocked or constricted or disappointed in our lives because we don’t remember why we chose our families or situations. This can result in feeling that life is unfair or meant to be very difficult.

The Truth is, the Akashic Field is part of and connected to the All, it's in everyone and everything with a soul. The Beings of Light are literally there for you, sharing their wisdom and holding a space by giving access to this profound high-vibrational healing energy for you to transform your life.

The Akashic field of energy is both astonishing and powerful. How exciting is it to know you have your own Record-keeping librarians which consist of Masters, Teachers and Beings of Light, who keep track of your information just for you? They are ready, willing and able to assist you in remembering why you are here and to help you release the blocks that bind you from moving forward.

As I meet people all over the world, many are curious about, where the Akashic Records are. The Akashic Record Keepers have told me that the libraries are held in divine source energy, called the Akasha. They are the information arm of God, of Creator, of Source, whatever you call the expansive energy of the One/Source. And they are literally recorded and held in pure divine energy. So your Record Keepers, your personal librarians, are part of Source.


If you would like to learn to access your soul’s wisdom and receive personal guidance every day, you can take an Akashic workshop or have a reading with Lisa Barnett to learn about who you are as an infinite and wise soul.


About Lisa:

Lisa Barnett is the international bestselling author of From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life, and The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records. 

She is also the Founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom where she has taught thousands of students worldwide to access personal Soul wisdom and guidance to transform their life, working directly with their personal Akashic Record Keepers.

With more than twenty years of experience in spiritual healing, Lisa teaches these simple tools which empower individuals to find greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance, and health. Lisa helps you align with your soul path, understand your soul contracts, and complete your karma and vows.


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31 Dec 2019

By Lisa Barnett