Experience the Healing Vibration of Sound Medicine

Experience the Healing Vibration of Sound Medicine

We are made of sound, vibration and light. As energy beings, each of us emits our own sound - our own unique "song" - constantly. This vibration is happening within us every moment, but so often we stifle it by shoving it down and hiding it away because we feel insecure and scared. We want to fit into the image that others find acceptable, so we learn to silence our True self.

This is not the experience we were meant to live.

We are meant to allow our unique frequency to reveal itself!

This is why I am thrilled to be a part of the upcoming Sacred Science of Sound Summit airing December 3-18, 2018.


This FREE online video interview series features 16 incredible guests including New York Times best-selling authors, teachers, world renowned musicians, healers and doctors such as Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, Anita Moorijani, Deva Premal and Miten, Gregg Braden, myself and more! All are present to share their personal stories, experiences and teachings on the healing power of music, sound vibration and energy medicine to ground, elevate and transform your life.

The Sacred Science of Sound Summit is hosted by my dear friend and Energy Codes student, Jeralyn Glass, a musician, singer, crystal sound meditation leader, inspirational speaker, sound healing practitioner and teacher who blends a classical career with healing and meditation.


Jeralyn created the Sacred Science of Sound in honor of her son, whom she unexpectedly lost in 2015, turning her life into a path of negotiating grief and excruciating loss.

It was the profound healing which music and the Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls brought to her life that inspired her to create this truly one-of-a-kind series.

During our interview, I loved sharing conversation with Jeralyn about the Truth of our being, how we're meant to share our unique vibration and how the Energy Codes can help reveal your True, Essential Self and the song within.

I invite you to join me and gain access to this authentic, heartfelt, intimate and empowering event. The event is FREE to all, and the (approximately) 60-minute interviews can be accessed and listened to from anywhere.

To register and gain access, use the button below. When you do, you will also receive special gifts - and surprises!

Register Here

This powerful series of interviews is a vibrational gift, a time to anchor the Frequency of Unconditional Love, Gratitude and Joy in every cell of our bodies.

Let the sound of who we are be known.

With Great Love,


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03 Dec 2018

By Dr. Sue Morter