Power of the Pen

Writing offers us a way to express ideas, feelings and experiences.  It may be shared with other people, or not.  By getting stuff out of our heads and hearts and onto the page, we move thought and feeling energy, which can free us up for something new and fresh.

I just spent three weeks with my new baby grandson and my not so new grown up daughter and experienced many meaningful moments with them.  As I made the long journey from New York to my home in Hawaii, I reflected and wrote.  I wasn’t sure what would come of the writing and it didn’t matter.  It was cathartic to express myself. 

Writing one’s thoughts, ideas and feelings on paper or on a computer is a way to share those experiences.  You may share them with another person, people or simply with yourself.  The benefit to you, the writer is the same.  I have published books, poems and stories.  The value of personal expressive writing is in the act, not in the sharing.  Having other people read my work and derive some personal value is the icing on the scrumptious chocolate cake for me.

Here’s a poetic slice for you:


Eila Algood

Sadness creeps up from my heart with each mile I drive away. 

Tears slide down as I load clothes into the suitcase.

Fold and pack carefully.

Lay each item in its place,

Can’t find a space for my sadness.

Crumple and squish the remaining clothes.

Sit atop suitcase to zip it.

Deal with the mess when home.

Now simply rest.


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Ronney Aden
Power of the Pen

Elia, Your power with the "PEN' is a shared wisdom of the heart. The deep meanings of a new born, family - togetherness, and separation have meaning for each person on the planet. Please continue sharing your beautiful self! And BIG BLESSING for the new 'little one'. Grandchildren are a very special gift!

August 2019

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