Top 100 Alternative Health Blogs 2018 - continued

Top 100 Alternative Health Blogs 2018 (continued)

82. Herbal Gang Blog

Herbal gang is the top herbal blog from Nigeria. It’s dedicated to providing education and deeper understanding of herbal medicine with special focus on the Nigerian tradition in this field. Preventive medicine is the most important part of Herbal gang’s education mission.

The posts are divided by topic, covering, health, sexual and reproductive remedies, food, and remedies in general. There’s also a very popular section about weight loss.



83. Crystalline Cure’s Crystal Blog

This blog is written by Amanda-Rachel who has devoted her life and career to helping others using holistic medicine and crystals. Her interest in the subject started when she was just a kid who was naturally drawn to minerals and rocks.

Her blog has now gone beyond crystals and their use and it explores astrology, spirituality, natural healing and other alternative methods.



84. Melisma Music Therapy Blog

Melisma music therapy was founded by Katherine Lindberg, a board-certified music therapist, with a BA in this field. She has worked with adults struggling with dementia since 1991 and this is her main field of expertise.

Her blog is always accompanied by music clips and it’s used to explain and teach about the hardest part of this heartbreaking job – which is how the music helps those that need it the most.


85. Homeopathy for Mommies

Sue Meyer is a mom of eleven and a homeopath. Her goal was to write about homeopathy and alternative healing methods from a mom’s standpoint. She offers lectures, blog posts, and podcast episode to expand and explain her knowledge on the subject.

The blogs are written in a simple and readable way even though they are quite long and cover a lot of ground. They are usually practical and useful advice on home remedies.



86. One Gutsy Lady

One Gutsy Lady is a blog started by Andrea, who has struggled with autoimmune disorders (Crohns, Fibromyalgia & Graves), throughout her life. Western medicine failed her so she focuses on nutrition, homeopathy, sho tai, biofeedback and natural remedies to help find healing and remission.

Her posts offer what she has learned from these experiences and how she made changes to find optimal health. Posts deal with living a holistic lifestyle and exploring different modalities.




87. Caitlin Margaret’s Website

Caitlin is a holistic life coach who has stumbled to this career path by accident. She was an Ivy League graduate working her way up in the world NGOs and non profit humanitarian organizations. During this time she didn’t care about personal health and well-being and the interest for it came from her focusing on herself for a while.

The blog is written in a form of an advice column, in a gentle and personal tone but with a clear overriding message of spiritual awakening and a personal spiritual journey.


88. I’m a Music Therapist – Blog

The site is run and managed by Brea Murakami, a certified music therapist with a lot of practical experience. Her focus is on how musictherapy can help those suffering from memory loss and dementia as well as post-surgery problems and cancer patients.

The blog portion of the site is sometimes written in the first person explaining the problems that a music therapist faces in their day to day dealing with patients and sometimes it’s a professional advice page and help book for those doing this hard work.


89. Alexander Stories Blog

Sheila Christie has worked behind a desk for the biggest part of her life and now she’s decided to take up a more active a role and learn about Alexander Technique. It’s a skill used in self-help that’s made to teach you about changing habits and growing as a person.

The blog goes through the Alexander Technique with Sheila and helps the reader work through their problems while understanding the value of this technique.



90. Holistic Living with Karen

Karen Granelle works in a medical facility as a nurse. Her experience with western medicine has shown her that people have both physical and spiritual problems and the two are connected. This is why she offers help in a holistic way and deals with both aspects of being a person in need of help.

The blog is written in form of advice, tips, and hacks and helps with nutrition and healthy living in general. It especially focuses on women health issues.


91. Forest and Crow Blog

Forest and crow is a self-help guide for those who are spiritually minded and are interested in arts and creative outlets. The authors are also working in this field and it shows in both the content and the aesthetic of the site.

The blog is divided into sections working on self-improvement, apothecary (mostly about natural medicine and food). There’s also a shop in which you can find all the items mentioned in the blog.


92. Healing Energy Choices

Debbi Smith has worked as a medical professional and has seen the effects of pain and sickness first hand. Her belief was always that there are spirituals ways of helping those in need as well as the physical ones. That’s how she got into energy healing and that’s the goal of her blog.

The posts are usually topical, about healing and the role energy plays in it. They are also conversational and they use personal stories and experience to resonate with the readers.


93. JKR Psychotherapy Blog

Jennifer Kind-Rubin is licensed to practice art therapy. She has worked with all kinds of patients dealing with all kinds of problems. Rubin is versed in a variety of art forms and she’s also worked with a few non-profits that are focused on high risked teens.

Her blog is written in the first person and talks about her life experience and her work with the kids that need it the most. There are also a lot of illustrations coming from both patients and doctors.


94. Brooklyn Hypnosis Blog

Brooklyn hypnosis works in hypnotherapy providing their patients with the option to heal grow and expand their potential and their abilities. They work with problems such as stress, weight reduction, depression, and a variety of other issues.

The blog posts that accompany these treatments are written to explain the power of hypnotherapy and to provide everyone with the resources to understand their problems and help themselves. They are no-nonsense posts dealing with particular and concrete issues.


95. The Homeopathy Clinic Blog

The clinic is run by Annie Collins a homeopath working in the field of depression, anxiety, and especially how those problems affect kids, families, and teenagers. She writes a blog and offers consultation and one on one work as well.

The blog posts are always written on one particular subject and they provide a clear and knowledgeable introduction into that subject from someone working in the field as long Collins.


96. Natural Remedies Blog

The author of this blog is a physical therapist from Chicago whose interest has grown to herbalism and to other alternative ways of helping the patients.

It’s a very eclectic blog whose main focus is helping people in every way imaginable. The posts range from explaining ancient Chinese medicine to providing a natural cure for the common illnesses and health problems.



97. Sahaja Wellness – Naturopathy and Ayurveda

This blog is written by Leena Athparianaturopathic doctor, violinist and Ayurveda practitioner. The goal of the blog is to educate and to share the knowledge about this ancient healing practice. The style of the writing is dedicated to this purpose as well.

The blog can be read by those who know nothing about these matters, but it’s also an aggregate of knowledge for those that follow the subject for years. The posts are usually quite long, but they are structured in clear and informative way.


98. The Tai Chi Notebook

The blog is written by martial arts expert Graham Barlow from England. The blog is free and doesn’t offer any promotions or product to buy; it’s a personal project of Barlow’s designed to help people get a better understanding of the eastern martial arts and their benefit to health and well-being.

Beside the text, there are also video blogs that are especially helpful to the novice in the field. Barlow also offers “the big reads”, books on the subject that deal with more complex and abstract aspects of the martial arts.


99. Cook Dings Kitchen

This blog about eastern medicine, arts, spirituality and the martial arts is written by Rick Matz. It covers all the topics mentioned above and much more, showcasing Mr. Matz’s, personal interest and his quest for a healthier and more productive life.

The posts are written almost daily and they cover everything from practical martial art tips to the diet and the books Matz is currently reading and enjoying.



100. Homeopathy World Community

The goal of this site is to connect all the professionals working in homeopathy and to provide them with valuable resources about the subject. It features news, blogs, and podcasts written and produced by experts from around the globe.

The blog posts archive is rich and long and it features experts on every homeopathy topic imaginable from healing to advice on how to lecture or share your expertise.

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