A Message on Contrast

Channeled by Carol Ritberger - December 2014

Greetings. I am Thoth, Hierophant of the Melchizedeks. We are a council of twelve non-physical beings who oversee the Messengers of the Gods Realm. We are pleased to be with you, and to be of service. We are the keepers of the divine truth, and our charter is to share that truth with those who seek spiritual transformation.

Carol has asked us to speak of the opposites, and the value of the contrast they offer. It is indeed important to understand the role of the opposites, because without such understanding, the human mind will swirl with confusion, emotions will run amok, therefore becoming distractive, and the mind will find itself indecisive as it’s consumed with self-doubt. As a result, you won’t be able to make sense of your experiences or find purpose in them, which will leave you floundering emotionally, feeling mentally stuck and unable to find the clarity and guidance needed to help move you forward on your spiritual path.

Let us begin by talking about the opposites. All that exists has a duality a pair of opposites. A Yin and Yang that gives it life. As with an atom, which has opposing positive and negative electrons to help it maintain its structural integrity; your soul embodied in physical matter also has opposites to maintain its structural integrity. Every cell has its opposites in its nucleus; your DNA has its opposites, the human brain, in its design of the two hemispheres are opposites; the organs and glands in the human body have their opposites; the energy body has opposing flows of masculine and feminine energy. There are even opposites in the nature of your being, meaning you exist on two levels: physical and spiritual. And, even though your senses are exclusively tuned to the physical nature of your being, it’s the opposite, your spiritual nature, which brings forth your aliveness. Without spirit, your physical body would be lifeless, and your mind unaware.

Consciousness, too, has its opposites. There’s the dimension of ordinary consciousness which is the consciousness you rely on for your everyday survival, and use to discern the quality of information you receive through your five physical senses. Information that is reflective of external factors. This dimension of consciousness shapes, controls, influences and even creates thoughts that ensure you remain steadfast in following what’s tried and true. It keeps you safe, feeds your need for security and predictability, and your behavior reflects your conditioning. Ordinary consciousness sees all as being separate, and thinks in terms of degrees and differences. It doesn’t see things as being connected, so experiences appear to be random and beyond your control. This dimension of consciousness is formed by what you learn, your beliefs and thoughts that reflect your responses and reactions to what you’ve experienced in the past. Life, lived from the perspectives offered by ordinary consciousness is fraught with limitations, influenced by fears and insecurities, and charged with strong emotions. Instead of trying new things and taking risks, you find yourself playing it safe and mentally embracing the past.

Then there’s the dimension of non-ordinary consciousness, which sees the same experience differently. This dimension of consciousness is what you refer to as your intuition, ESP, gut hunches, or instincts. The purpose of this dimension of consciousness is to expand the perceptions of ordinary consciousness so a new sense of reality can be created, and new opportunities can be uncovered in your experiences. The perceptions this dimension of consciousness offer aren’t based on the past. Instead they are based on the present, and how what’s happening in the present will impact the future. Non-ordinary consciousness makes it possible to look beyond the obvious, for it understands that things are not as they appear. It evaluates and discerns information, not from your mental history, but from the potential the present moment offers. It’s within this dimension of consciousness where the source of your creativity and imagination lies, and it uses both to bring forth the images and physical sensations needed to make its presence known to the mind. Therefore, the mind is able to create unique and novel solutions to old and familiar problems.

Non-ordinary consciousness sees all experiences as a dynamic and ever-changing field of creative evolution where the potentialities of life exist. It doesn’t see itself separate from ordinary consciousness, but more of an expansion of it. It sees all information and all experiences as being connected. There are no degrees or differences, for everything is one, and everything is the same. This dimension of consciousness sees all of life as an interaction between the body, the mind and the soul for the purpose of finding and bringing meaning to life. Life viewed from this dimension of consciousness allows your soul to be in charge of your behavior and choices.

The most recognizable form of the opposites as they relate too consciousness is the opposites of cause and effect. These opposites reveal themselves in each choice made, as every choice has its consequences. Ordinary consciousness creates thoughts based on the past, following what’s tried and true, being obedient to the environment, and being behaviorally compliant to the wills, needs and desires of others. The consequence of such thoughts (cause) is, the outcomes (effect) tend to repeat themselves. There’s a predictability of behavioral and emotional reactions to what is experienced. In this case, it’s your fears and insecurities that influence the quality of your choices, leaving you vulnerable to others controlling the outcomes.

Non-ordinary consciousness, on the other hand, creates thoughts that make it possible for you to
govern your moods, change your thoughts, and determine how you want to react and respond to situations and experiences. Choices
created from this dimension of consciousness aren’t driven by fears or insecurities. Instead, they’re driven by a strong sense of self, which in turn produces different behavior, and therefore, different outcomes. The quality of thoughts from this dimension of consciousness makes it easier for you to create a new way of being, and they put you in control of your environment. In other words, now you’re in charge of your life, rather than being controlled by other people.

The time you’ve been experiencing in the last few months is one of extreme contrast, meaning there’s a tremendous tension or difference between the opposites. While, we understand that such contrast is uncomfortable to your ordinary dimension of consciousness, it’s indeed necessary if you’re to find the clarity you seek in regards to your soul’s purpose. The benefit of such contrast allows you to see behavior that separates your physical self from your spiritual nature. It reveals clearly where you are putting your energy, and whether it’s your ego driving the choices you make, or if it’s your soul influencing those choices.

The value of contrast is that it offers differing perceptions of the same situation. Such contrast puts you in a better position to make choices that manifest what you desire. Think about what your life would be without contrast. Everything would be seen from the same perspective, so the choices you’d make would not differ. You would find yourself in an endless mental loop of redundancy. Every day would be the same, because the choices made would be the same. Life would be monotonous, thinking would feel stagnant, and you would find yourself just going through the motions, rather than engaging in life. Extreme contrast serves as a reset button so you can change old patterns of thinking and change old emotional reactions.

Through contrast, and especially extreme contrast, the consequences of your choices are clear. The choices create change, or they support stagnation. They’re driven by your mind, or they are driven by your soul. Extreme contrast eliminates the gray areas, and it takes ambiguity out of the decision making process. Everything is black or white. Experiences are really good or they’re really bad. Relationships are really good, or they’re really bad. Contrast helps you cut through any confusion that might surface as a result of indecision. The choices you make either produce positive consequences or they produce negative consequences. There is no wish washy in extreme contrast. No wallowing in indecision. Just clarity. You don’t have to think and then rethink your choices trying to figure out what might happen.

In extreme contrast, your body serves as an effective barometer revealing how your thoughts and choices are affecting you. If the choices made cause you to feel compromised, then those choices are based on fears and insecurities. Your body will express that compromise in the form of tension, stress, anxiety, discomfort and pain and you’ll find yourself psychologically feeling discouraged and unmotivated. On the other hand, if the choices made are based on a strong sense of self, and encourage positive change, then your body expresses those choices in the form of excitement. It will feel invigorated, and ready for action. Psychologically, you’ll feel uplifted, inspired and motivated, so you can see there is value in the contrast.

However, there’s an erroneous perception in how the human mind sees the opposites. It sees opposites as being different, and at odds with each other, and sees one as the cause and the other as the effect. Yet from the soul’s perspective, the opposites merely represent duality. Therefore, rather than seeing each as being different, each is seen as an extension of the other. This is why we’re eager to share this wisdom with you and support you in your search for clarity.

The truth is no “thing” ever causes or creates another “thing.” Cause and effect is merely a series of events arising from the same choice. You make a choice and you experience a continuation of that choice. Every thought you have, every choice you make, every act you perform has its direct and indirect results which fit into the continuum chain of duality. Therefore ordinary and non-ordinary consciousness is a continuum of each. Your physical and spiritual nature is a continuum of each. The hemispheres of your brain are connected by the center gray matter which serves as the continuum of each. So you see nothing is truly opposite as the human mind thinks. It’s all the same. The duality of thoughts, choices and outcomes are merely offering an expanded perception of the same thing. The human mind in its design sees opposites from a two dimensional perspective, meaning either or. The soul see’s the opposites as a rising and falling spiral of the same thing. A spiral that rises outward attracting what we desire. Then falling inward taking in what we attracted so we can experience it and so the soul can build off of it.

Let’s apply the soul’s perspective to the dimensions of consciousness. Ordinary consciousness offers steadfastness to your actions and it initiates the need for a sense of direction. It keeps thoughts focused on the tasks at hand, so you can create an action plan that will help you stay on course for your desired outcomes. Ordinary consciousness utilizes willpower, and harnesses determination to keep you going when you find yourself tired or disheartened. As a result of the efforts of ordinary consciousness it’s easier for you to discern the quality of information, trust what it reveals, and to formulate choices that attract to your way of thinking the dimension of non-ordinary consciousness. Now, possibilities arise. Your awareness expands, external influences lose their hold on your thinking, and your choices expand and build off of each other, making it possible for patterns of thinking, and predictable emotional reactions to be changed. In other words, ordinary consciousness moves outward to attract, and non-ordinary consciousness moves inward to process, then non-ordinary consciousness moves outward to attract, and ordinary consciousness moves inward to process. No opposites found here, just the dance of duality.

The ultimate purpose of duality is to create polarity. In nature, there is always a dynamic interaction between opposites: male and female, positive and negative, birth and death, growth and decay, active and inactive, pushing and pulling, folding and unfolding. Such interplay could create chaos and destruction. However, polarity creates a symbiosis of movement between the opposites, which makes it possible for the opposites to enter into a natural mutually beneficial relationship. When there’s polarity between the opposites, the ability to blend the past with the creation of new ideas happens simultaneously in any given situation. The mental and emotional qualities of your being flow effortlessly and harmoniously between each other, thus making possible the flexibility needed in all creative situations. Homeostasis is restored and sustained in the physical body, as all parts work in a unified and cooperative matter.

We would like to leave you with this thought.

There is continuity between all thoughts; precedent, consequent, and subsequent. There’s a relation existing between everything that has gone before, and everything that follows. That relation is called polarity. The polarity between the opposites reveals there is no extreme contrast. There is no contrast. There’s merely a great chain of continuous thoughts. If those thoughts move you further away from your soul, then the more you become bound to your past. The nearer those thoughts move you to your soul, the more liberated you are to create your future. What you do with those thoughts and the choices you make, determines how your mind experiences it’s perception of contrast.

Know that our role is to be of service and to support you in your quest for spiritual enlightenment. Know we are always here for you and love you and honor the work you are doing. Know you alone are powerful enough to heal not only what ails you personally, but what ails all globally. Stay on path. Do not stray. Do not lose hope. Do the work you are intended to do and you will find joy in your existence.

This ends our message. And, so it is.

I would like to offer an exercise to help you find clarity in the confusion when your mind feels the tension of contrast. I call the exercise
Illuminating the Way.

Write in your journal the description of a situation you have experienced recently that’s causing you to feel the tension of contrast or feel indecisive in the direction to take. Ask your soul how it sees the situation. Then write down three things about the situation that you learned from it. Building off those three things, write down an action step you can take for each of the three listed that you can use to change your thinking or emotional response based on what you learned. For example: Forgive yourself. Forgive the other person. Get more information so you really understand the problem. Share with someone close, how you’re feeling about the situation.

You can also use this affirmation: I know who I am. I love who I am, and my soul illuminates my way.

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