The Oak Tree and My Grandfather


          My thoughts currently are moving so fast, and I am really into recall in both my conscious and sub conscious mind to get this all on paper before I loose it all. I’m thrilled, in disbelief and in overwhelm.    I began my meditation this morning by visiting Egypt and opening up the gates of ‘wisdom’. This lead me to another thought – to ask for my guide.  The funny part of asking for my guide, is I haven’t even had that thought for years. Some 20 or 25 years ago I was doing meditations to connect with my guides.

         The visual of a magnificent crystal appeared, signaling direct communication, in a flash it faded and my logo for Worldwide Wisdom Directory took its place - our Oak Tree which signifies wisdom. As the Oak Tree faded it was replaced by my grandfather’s profile. OMG, I have not spoken about or thought about my grandfather for years. These three symbols are very powerful to me – they all hold wisdom, a course of action, knowledge and insight, not just for me but for everyone. And the visual happened in a flash and was gone. The love penetrated my heart and sent a vibration through my entire body.

         Signs and symbols cultivate mass societal opinion. The crystal I saw was almost clear. The Greek origin means ‘ice’. Nikola Tesla declared the key to understand the universe and proved how certain forms of energy can alter the vibrational resonance of other forms of energy. This concept is why healing crystals and stones are still used today to align, heal and alter the vibration of the bodies cells, chakras, and the subtle bodies by holistic healers. All things in the universe are forms of energy with their own frequency and vibration – including crystals.

 The Celtic describe the Oak Tree as a cosmic storehouse of wisdom within towering strength. The Oak tree is to be honored for its noble presence. Wearing Oak leaves by the Greeks and Romans “Leafman” is an evolution of earth-based spirituality. The Celtic translation is access to the ethereal planes of higher thought (psychic vision or soul-thought) by ‘opening the oak door.”  The oak tree attracts lightning (light), is stable and is generous with its gifts – just as any good ruler shares its bounty amongst the kingdom.

I was the first grandchild in our family and my grandfather adored me, as I did him. He was an educated businessman who traveled the world. I never heard my grandfather raise his voice, ever. He loved to talk and was oh so brilliant, I would listen to him for hours. He wrote a poem to me on my 13th birthday. I have shared its meaning with so many people. Turning 13 was magical to me – I have talked about it for years, I was going to actual be a TEENAGER! Hysterical now, wonder why that was so important? The gest of his beautiful poem was to try everything, but never do anything to access. I cherish these words, and as I have grown older his words of wisdom changed my life.

I have no idea why I haven’t talked about my grandfather much in recent years. I love to talk, just like he did – and as I mentioned he was a very powerful mentor in my life. Today, it dawns on me the depth of my meditation. At age 63 my grandfather was diagnosed with throat cancer, which took his voice box, and he could not longer talk. He learned to speak again with a electrolarynx. The use of this pneumatic mechanical larynx was difficult to use, if not put in exactly the right place, so needless to say very frustrating. Watching my grandfather suffer when he could not join in conversation was very sad for me. Today, I have another thought about the situation – cancer caused him to be in silence. Silence takes us to meditation, and can open doors we never dream of! Now, knowing he is my guide, silence will open up the opportunity for us to communicate again!

After ten years of research, changing website host sites, programs and putting our business on hold because of my husband illness we are ready to offer to the world, Worldwide Wisdom Directory. A directory and resource guide, full of hundreds of professionals, packed with knowledge and information – solutions to almost any problem, issue, research or question you might have. 

I have to mention my wonderful, daughter Heidi Aden and her son Bradley Aden who are the masterminds behind all of the computer behind the scenes work. They have been by my side the entire time – putting up with my lack of understand about coding web pages and templates and the ‘such’! I am forever grateful. And it appears my Grandfather will guide this process – oh, I didn’t mention his fabulous sense of humor. You will love him! So to close we have a family team and we look forward to connecting and expanding your world.