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Using astrology, intuitive awareness, and as graduate of Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment, Carole can perceive subtleties in the same way we normally perceive the road in front of us, talking with a friend or the taste of a fresh strawberry. All people are blessed with the ability to negotiate on the spiritual/psychic level — a psychic is just someone who has fine-tuned the art of perceiving incoming information that is normally overlooked. "Asking questions like "Who am I?", "What should I do?", "What am I here for?", and "Who has the answers?" has been a persistent and compelling task as long as I can remember. The search for answers has led from the usual authority of parents and teachers - and even religion (as in the search for God) - to my Gammie, who was an Astrologer, and my first inspiration to learn all I could about astrology. I have studied with Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment, have years of Psychic training, attended numerous Astrology Conferences and study groups - studying everything from Symbology, Flower Remedies, Herbs, Vitamins, Nutrition, Exercise and Yoga, to Dreams and Meditation. Looking for answers everywhere, guess who has the answers? I do! The search begins and ends inside myself and my journey of discovery is one I must share to realize my own wisdom and compassion. Since I am a little shy, I am now looking for those with those with whom to share the journey." - Carole Lee Cole Offering Astrology, Intuitive Psychic Readings, Meditation Circles & Women's Groups, Carole presents a kind, nurturing approach to help you gain higher understanding and insight, apply meaning to your experiences, and embrace change as we journey through this incredible life.



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