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Your thoughts, feelings and habits all contribute to your physical and emotional well being. While the conventional model of healthcare focuses on diagnosis and treatment, cultivating long-term health and wellness emphasizes awareness and self-care practices.

My coaching methods, combined with the support of flower essences, go beyond alleviating symptoms and lead to lasting change. By helping you develop increased awareness and master new skills, you become able to transform old patterns of illness into new ways of Being.

Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants which transfer subtle energy to humans and awaken positive qualities within us. They are made by harvesting the freshest blooms of a selection of healing flowers and floated in water, potentized by the sun. Essences are taken internally over the course of several weeks as an energetic shift gradually takes place.

I meet with clients in person in Santa Cruz CA and world-wide by video or phone. To discuss how to best address your specific needs, Schedule Your Free Consultation, or to learn more, visit my Blog.

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