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NEW Medicine Dr. Elson Haas’ NEW (Natural, Eastern and Western medicines) approach of integrative, holistic and functional medicine is built on restoring proper body physiology, and supporting healthy cells and tissues in order to heal. It includes elimination diets and detoxification practices. Dr. Elson Haas has practiced this philosophy for more than 30 years, in addition to his work with integrative family medicine, incorporating these philosophies within an insurance model at the Preventive Medical Center of Marin in San Rafael, CA, that he founded in 1984. He and the extensive team of staff and practitioners provide care to their immediate community as well as patients from around the globe. The Philosopher-Physician Dr. Elson Haas' treatment programs blend concepts and practices from traditional Chinese medicine and the Barefoot Doctors. They are designed to keep people healthy by staying in tune with nature and her cycles, examining health from a lifestyle perspective before administering medicines. Dr. Elson Haas teaches that, “How we look and feel is mainly a result of how we live!” His first book, Staying Healthy With the Seasons, integrates Eastern and Western medicine with natural healing modalities of nutrition, fitness and alignment with the seasons. It also helps people understand the Chinese Five Elements and their associations of fire, earth, metal (air), water and Wood. NEW and integrative medicine comes with a whole new philosophy of understanding the body and the causes of ill health. Addressing and correcting these causes, which can often be attributed to lifestyle, are crucial for this new era of healthy medicine. Children’s Health Reaching young people as early as possible is a necessary and vital aspect of preventive health care. Children as young as 4-6 can enjoy the life long benefits of healthy decisions, given proper care and education, and also understand about nutrition and the difference between “real food and treats.” Guidance for parents is important too; setting a good example is paramount because, over time, children tend to follow what their parents do instead of what they say. Finally, they need a manual that illustrates answers to questions such as, “How do I care for this one and only body I was given at birth?” The basics of good health are described in the Five Keys To Staying Healthy.

Dr. Elson's "ABCs" of Nutrition


Preventive Medical Center of Marin
4340 Redwood Highway, Suite A-22
San Rafael, California 94903
United States

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  • Dr. Elson Haas has been in medical practice since he graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1972 and then interned at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA. Over the past 35 years, he has studied and incorporated many healing disciplines—Western and Eastern Medicines, Nutrition and Detoxification, Herbology, and Mind/Body Healing—into his ongoing practice.
  • Dr. Haas lectures and teaches nationally and is a regular radio guest and writer for health magazines. His local detoxification programs are popular, affordable, and transformative.


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eileen duhne
Marin county, CA
Elson Haas is a True Healer

Back in 1981 I had a diagnosis that brought me to the world of alternative healing practices. I was blessed to find Staying Healthy with the Seasons, which had just been published by Elson Haas, MD. My friends and I feel in love with the book as we were doing acupuncture and learning about many different modalities for healing. I have owned two copies of the book bc I used it so much. I still subscribe to the philosophy he so succinctly put forward, and my same friends and I today realize just what an incredible contribution his work was and still is, to our healing journeys. The information is as relevant today as it was 30+ years later. He's the kind of doctor anyone who wants to take control of their health needs. I'm so grateful to have learned from a master such as Dr. E!

April 2018

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1 Review


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