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Trained to be a physician at Stanford, he has studied and researched the healing power of love for the past 33 years. Dr. Laskow is a consultant in Behavioral and Energy medicine in Ashland, Oregon and gives seminars at universities, medical centers, and holistic institutes internationally. The principles of Holoenergetic Healing are presented in Dr. Laskow's breakthrough book, Healing with Love. This book uses ancient and cutting-edge healing techniques, self awareness, energy work, and practical exercises to help one directly experience love as a healing force.

Dr. Laskow


32305-C Ashland St. #230
Ashland, Oregon 97520
United States

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1 Review
Calistoga, CA

I attended a class many years ago with Dr. Laskow at a Whole Life Expo. I can remember the experience as if it happened yesterday. I often wonder if teachers know the effect they have on people and how many years the effect may last. My heart gets warm and fuzzy today as I write this, just like it did in the class. Dr. Leonard guides us through exercises to prove that LOVE cures anything. This man is gentle, warm and loving. You leave this workshop never to be the same. I have such gratitude for being in his presence.

October 2014

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