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Buy a Chamber We Sell, Rent & Buy Hyperbaric Chambers In addition to having our HBOT clinic, we also have our California Hyperbaric Equipment Company and we sell all models of hyperbaric chambers, new and used. We do not just sell you a hyperbaric chamber and say “good luck”.  Based on our extensive experience, you may use us as a resource to help you achieve the maximum benefits that HBOT has to offer. Most inquiries for chambers are about purchasing a soft-sided, portable, Hyperbaric Chamber for personal use or a doctor’s office.  We also sell hard-sided, higher pressure hyperbaric chambers that are used in hospitals. We sell ALL types of hyperbaric chambers  Let us know how we can help you.actice in 1979, and I strive to keep at the forefront of innovative and effective therapies. Despite the fact that our longevity is increasing, our health has been deteriorating year by year. The rates of all degenerative diseases in this country are increasing. At the same time we spend more and more money each year for "Health Care." We have more doctors and more drugs than any civilization in history. So why aren't we healthier? Perhaps what is wrong is in the underlying idea. If drugs could give us better health, we'd already be better. That is why the field of holistic and alternative medicine is growing so fast - it strives to work with the body, to help coax the body to do its own healing.


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