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Kelly M Beard About Kelly, the Website and the Work... All of my work, speaking and writing, is geared toward understanding and dealing with personal, social and collective 'CYCLES.' Understanding these Cycles makes you more effective as you navigate your chosen Path. This work is essentially geared toward self-awareness, self-empowerment and, ultimately, the deep SELF-WORK. I have been a professional intuitive astrologer since 1996. I am currently focused on identifying and studying the various planetary cycles in our lives and how we can maximize their potential to access our own Authentic Rhythms and understand our Individual Cycles. I'm developing diverse and useful Karmic Tools(TM) that are practical for modern living, designed to provoke thought and allow you to connect to your own individual Truth and Purpose. On my website, www.karmictools.com, you will find both basic and complex information. You will find highlights and details. You will find the written word and audio samples (and downloads). Depending on your level of consciousness and method of learning, there is something for everyone. Please explore a bit, check out the samples for a better understanding of my style -- it's not for everyone. Those truly ready to commit to the discipline, dedication and deep Self-work will find the information compelling and supportive. Those looking for simple or predictive astrology will, hopefully, be moved to explore more deeply. Karmic Tools help you understand your own personal *blueprint*, connect to your Purpose, create a fulfilling life that reflects your most authentic Truth and honors your innate Rhythm."


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