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"This phenomenal book is authentic, riveting, and extraordinarily inspiring! Dr. Laskow brilliantly ties universal truth principles with real-life stories that encourage me that healing is available to me and all of us. I couldn't put the book down. Here is a physician with many years of professional experience, who has delved deeply into the power of the mind and heart to heal. It is rare that a man of medical stature also has such a deep grasp and mastery of metaphysical truth, more simply the power of true forgiveness. This is the ultimate manual on healing with love. It's just what the doctor ordered, and far, far more. If you are dealing with any kind of pain, fear, conflict, or sense of loneliness or separateness, read this book and you will surely feel better!"

-Alan Cohen, Author 


“For Giving Love is amazing! It is a blessed gift to humanity and such an important contribution to the advancement of human evolution. The world is looking for a Path with Heart. This book reveals that Path.”

Dr. Judith Larken Reno, PhD. Founder of Gateway University



In my years as a physician and surgeon, I have come to view illness as separation, and healing as the restoration of our natural state of wholeness.

Our individualistic, highly rational society encourages the illusion of separation — the belief that our minds are somehow separate from our bodies and that people are isolated from one another. It takes energy to maintain separation—energy that is often experienced as pain or illness.

I have coined the term Holoenergetic® Healing to describe a method that allows us to dispel the illusion of separateness and to heal using the awareness and energy of the whole.

Unconditional love — for self as well as others — is a crucial element of this method. Love isn’t just the stuff of poets and mystics. It is also a profound tool for facilitating the body’s natural healing processes.

I have done laboratory experiments which suggest that focused, loving energy can create results not dreamed possible…it may affect bacterial growth in test tubes, unwind and entwine DNA molecules, and inhibit the growth rate of tumor cells in tissue culture.


The Holoenergetic® healing model

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Holoenergetic® Healing is certainly not intended to replace Western medicine. The medical practices developed by Western society are of tremendous value in treating acute illness, serious infection, trauma, and other disorders. But these practices represent only part of the healing tools available to us today. We can benefit greatly by making use of both approaches.

The Holoenergetic® model allows us to go beyond relief of symptoms and connect with the fundamental source of separation. This is frequently a long-past, deeply troubling experience, which we interpreted in a way that initially helped us cope — but ultimately cut us off from a part of ourselves.

Example:  Someone who was punished and humiliated as a child for something he/she didn’t do may have carried into adulthood the unconscious belief: No matter how hard I try, I’m bad and deserve to suffer. One way this person expresses this loss of faith in his/her right to happiness is through the physical pain of illness.

Other common themes that may be expressed through illness include difficulties accepting love: I’m not good enough; receiving pleasure, expressing anger, forgiving, and trusting.

The Tracing Process offered me a transforming grace, I felt a deep inner peace and acceptance for myself as well as a reverence for the wisdom of my body and a compassion for the illness itself.  This was a such an exquisite experience that brought me to the place where I first felt separate from my essential nature. My body and soul responded whole-heartedly with the Tracing Process. I experienced an immediate cessation of symptoms. 
M.K. Canada




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