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Meet our fabulous team of all-indigenous guides and experience the best of Native American tours

- always in accordance with tribal ethics, and created with respect for how elders choose to have their cultures and histories represented. 

You will travel and learn with an indigenous guide and . . 

See the real Native America through tribal eyes
Learn the truth and gain insights that most  travelers will miss
Experience places off limits to the tourists

Save your precious time, and your money . . . 

We know the hidden locations, best travel routes and great hotels and Go Native America gives you that special authentic experience you can't create for yourself.

Save money - already tried a cheaper tour that turned out to be a drive-by money-waster? 

With GNA you are going on a chronological journey to experience the really important places within Native American cultures; some you'll know of, others only the People know. 

Go solo - join a small group of like-minded people and . . . 

When you travel with us you are in the company of people who also want to be taken tothe heart and spirit of the Native American and First Nations lands and learn.

This matters because not everyone's family or friends share the same interest in Native America, and often people can't find a traveling partner. But all Go Native America tour members definitely do - so you no longer need to be concerned about traveling solo. 



(Little Bighorn Month)

Hoka Hey 



Buffalo Nations

Alaska – Spirit of the Tundra 


Across the Medicine Line



Lakota Storyteller 

Walk In Beauty

FEB 2019

Winter Wolf Song



APRIL 2019

Gathering of Nations



I Am Lakota 



Oh what a wonderful ‘love affair’ I’ve just had on this Go Native America trip; people, nature, culture, color, music, the families I met . . . and unlike past love affairs this is just the beginning and on-going nurture of

a new-found love.

Maura Devlin, N. Ireland


I would like to thank you for an awesome trip to the Native lands!   I learned a lot more about the Native way of living than I ever thought possible! The 3 days in Yellowstone were crazy!!  I have never experienced anything like that before, and as you know,  I was most glad to see the wolf and the bear. I especially liked the horse riding at the Little Big Horn, I think that was the best thing I have done in a very long time.  It was like I always dreamed of . . .

Thank you for the experience and new things I learned about the Native Americans.

Mattias Borg, Sweden


We got an in-depth history of The People and the ancient ones, their myths, sacred places, trials and tribulations, and their survival despite the odds against them.  I can't pretend to have taken it all in but now at least I have a better understanding of

the people and their country.  Our travelling companions and our native hosts were hospitable, humorous, adventurous, congenial, interesting and  made the tour a trip of a life time  for Sue and I.

Reg Sutherland, Australia

Winter Wolfsong Four days discovering wolves in Yellowstone!


National Geographic Traveler | Go Native America

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