Phillip Minton, M.D.


Phillip Minton, M.D. is an author, public speaker and consultant on preventive medicine and natural methods in health care. Being a passionate advocate for healthy living, Dr. Minton has dedicated his professional career to guiding people on how to live a healthy, long, productive and enjoyable life. Combining a Stanford education and a quarter century of experience in general medical practice and alternative medicine, Dr. Minton has presented his expertise to the general public in three books. The first one, Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer, was published in 1995. It is discussing ways that doctors and nurses can advance their ability to detect cancer early, so as to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Minton's second book, The Immortality Enzyme, features an amazing scientific discovery known as "telomerase", an enzyme found in the nucleus of cells directing longevity. It can make cells immortal. The book also covers a host of related topics that Dr. Minton's patients find useful and interesting, such as detoxification, sleep medicine, cancer prevention and natural treatment, cardiovascular health and mind-body interactions. The Immortality Enzyme by Phillip Minton, M.D. is available on book retail websites such as Amazon, Barnes&Noble and some others. Continued interest in preventive medicine and natural health has led Dr. Minton to write his latest book, Chocolate, Healthfood of the Gods, which details the amazing virtues of the most delicious and craved "superfood". On the drawing board there are two more books. Tremendous advancements in telomerase science have been made since Dr. Minton last wrote about it in the year of 2000. Inspired by the latest findings he has decided to revisit the topic of telomerase in his next book. He also plans to explore further the topic of the use of chocolate as a low-carbohydrate dietary measure to help his followers attain an optimal physique and healthy physiology. Dr. Phillip Minton sincerely hopes that his work and books will serve to enlighten people as to how they can live fuller, more enjoyable and productive lives. The title of my book, Chocolate, Healthfood of the Gods is taken from the Greek name for chocolate which can roughly be translated as "God's food", "the divine food", "food for the gods", or "food of the gods". Any way you translate it, the meaning is clear: this foodstuff chocolate is special. Really special and valuable to our health and our taste buds.


  • Phillip Minton, M.D. is an author, public speaker and consultant on preventive medicine and natural methods in health care.

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