War wounds the soul.

But through REBOOT Combat Recovery, combat veterans and their families are experiencing breakthrough in their war against PTSD.

Will you join our movement?

The War We Fight

The war we fight is not against flesh and blood. For many service members, the war doesn’t end when they come home. The battle continues against an unseen enemy who is attacking their mind and spirit. And in too many cases, the enemy is winning.

Trauma happens to our veterans during combat, but too often, that trauma is compounded by a series of poor decisions upon returning home. It is as if this combat trauma has reduced their spiritual defense systems and left them vulnerable to a myriad of even more dangerous life choices that may lead to addiction, homelessness or even suicide.

Our model includes a 12 week course that serves the entire family. Many locations will provide a meal and childcare. After completing our trauma healing course, graduates advance to focus on rebuilding strong character, engaging in healthy community and reclaiming leadership roles. REBOOT upholds the “teach a man to fish” ideal and equips our members to move past REBOOT and live an abundant life. In other words, we know we’ve been successful when our graduates don’t need us anymore.



REBOOT Combat Recovery
P.O. Box 1223
Fort Campbell, Kentucky 42223
United States

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