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More than anything, we believe that spiritual fulfillment, deep satisfaction, and passionate living are for everyone. 

Feeling stuck when it comes to finding your purpose, uncovering your worth, and living into your highest calling? Selfistry is the guidebook you’ve been looking for.

No matter your age, your religion, your family background, or your culture, you deserve a life that you love. Spiritual wholeness isn’t just for yoga teachers and Buddhist monks!

So, if you have the perfect partner and the corner office, but you’re still feeling empty inside, Selfistry is for you. If you’re entering a new season of life (marriage! career! empty nester-dom!) and feel overwhelmed or uncertain, Selfistry is for you. If you’ve been to therapy, read every self-help book, and tried every spiritual practice and still don’t feel any closer to finding answers, Selfistry is for you.

Whatever your background, Selfistry is here to give you lifestyle practices, gentle guidance, and practical tools to help you live your one beautiful and precious life to the fullest.


The Selfistry Way is built on ancient practices, the collective history of many spiritual traditions, and the expert guidance of teachers who have walked this road before you.


Selfistry Introduction: What is the Selfistry Embodiment Practice

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