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The mission of Southwestern College is “Transforming Consciousness Through Education.” Consciousness, as understood at Southwestern College, is the capacity and willingness to live life with intentionality and the highest possible level of awareness regarding our personal, social and spiritual purpose for being here. Higher consciousness or awareness creates a capacity for enhanced decision-making and resourcing in our lives, which in turn supports the over-arching aim of all helping profession activity—empowerment.

The primary vehicles for facilitating this shift in awareness are our Master’s Degrees in Counseling and Art Therapy/Counseling, as well as The New Earth Institute and the Tierra Nueva Counseling Center. The college creates a professional environment within which advanced Counseling and Art Therapy skills are developed in a context of the student’s evolving understanding of self, self-in-relation and spiritual growth. The enhanced Consciousness of the students potentiates the intensive clinical training, allowing them to assist clients in moving toward greater self-awareness, empowerment and life satisfaction.

In this way, the mission ripples out in widening circles, impacting the world well beyond the more immediate learning environment we create at Southwestern College. The College is dedicated to creating a professional environment for teaching and learning clinical helping skills as well as the conscious and intentional exploration of the spiritual dimension of human learning and living. We strive to provide a multicultural learning environment which fosters ethical development as a foundation for professional growth and excellence in Counseling, Art Therapy/Counseling and related helping activities.


MA in Art Therapy/Counseling  |  MA in Counseling

The Masters degree programs we offer provide clinical training from a holistic and integrative perspective. This approach is supported by an experiential philosophy of learning that engages students in dynamic classroom discussions and the application of skills and knowledge. The programs are from two to three years in length. For at least one year of the program, practicum and internship offer practical, hands-on training. The Tierra Nueva Counseling Center, a mental health clinic operated by the college, is where the clinical training begins.

Southwestern College President Jim Nolan on "How Southwestern College is Different"


Southwestern College
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  • Master's Degrees in Counseling and Art Therapy

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