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Introduction to Insight Meditation & Mindfulness

Insight Meditation is at the heart of the teachings and practice at Spirit Rock. Its purpose is to strengthen mindfulness (sati), our capacity to experience "things as they are" directly, without the filter of discursive thinking, evaluation or habitual reactivity. It consists of bringing a natural and clear attention to whatever occurs in the present moment. Some traditional definitions of mindfulness include "wakefulness of mind," "lucidity of mind," "alertness" and "undistracted attention." Oftentimes Insight Meditation is referred to as Mindfulness Meditation.

As we learn to be alertly and calmly present with our meditation, a deeper intimacy with ourselves and with the world will arise. As we cultivate our ability to remain mindful without interfering, judging, avoiding or clinging to our direct experience, wellsprings of insight and wisdom have a chance to surface. At some point, we joyfully realize that our unobstructed awareness of this very moment is our freedom. Delightfully, mindfulness becomes both the means and the end of insight practice.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Obtain quiet or inner peace
  • Have a respite from the pace of daily life
  • Collect and unify the mind
  • Clear the mind of emotional turmoil
  • Feel and experience the truth of “the way things are” for yourself
  • Learn loving-kindness and compassion for yourself and others
  • Understand and learn how to practice forgiveness


“You are perfect just as you are..... and there is still room for improvement.“  —Shunryu Suzuki Roshi 

The Kingdom of Shambhala (Joanna Macy)


Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center
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