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Sri Sri has envisioned the Center as one that will provide a platform to sustain and strengthen the spiritual and human values within all of us, our children, and for those who will come in the future. This vision is already becoming a reality, and with your support, the Center will go a long way to becoming a beacon of inspiration and strength for the coming generations.
Happiness Retreat - Offered Every Weekend
Live with Purpose, Joy and Confidence

Within you lies vast, untapped possibilities waiting to be discovered. Through the Art of Living Course this potential is set free and you gain a greater vision of who you are. You find you have the power to create a joyous life that is on-purpose, the confidence to stretch and grow beyond limiting beliefs, and the ability to lead a deeply fulfilling life.


Meditation Retreat
Connect to Your Source

In the Meditation Retreat, you will learn an effortless technique of meditation that allows the conscious mind to experience the silent depths of its own nature. This retreat is called “Sahaj Samadhi.” Sahaj, in Sanskrit, means effortless and Samadhi is the silent, lively state of awareness that lies at the source of thought.  Samadhi is a natural state beyond waking, sleeping and dreaming that is an unlimited reservoir of energy, intelligence and creative power and a place of infinite peace and tranquility.
The practice of Sahaj Samadhi brings all of these qualities into our daily experience, resulting in increased energy, clarity, and most importantly, deep inner peace.

The meditation itself is easy to learn and effortless to practice.


Silent Retreat
Rest in Your Infinite Nature

Go beyond your usually active mind and experience an extraordinary sense of peace and renewed vitality through guided meditations.

The practice of silence – of consciously withdrawing our energy and attention from outer distractions – has been used in different traditions throughout time as a pathway to physical, mental, and spiritual renewal. By participating in various course processes specifically designed to take us beyond our usually active minds, we experience an extraordinary sense of peace and renewed vitality that we carry home with us and into daily lives.


Sri Sri Yoga
Recharge, Strengthen and Awaken Your True Self

Sri Sri Yoga is a holistic way of energizing and integrating your mind, body and spirit.  This ancient knowledge made applicable for modern times can be easily added to your daily routine resulting in a lasting experience of your true inner power and overall well being.

Sri Sri Yoga not only offers the benefits of traditional asanas (postures), but pranayamas (breathing techniques) and special meditations as well. This course is ideal for all levels of yoga enthusiasts from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners.

Welcome to the Art of Living Retreat Center!


The Art of Living Retreat Center
639 Whispering Hills Rd
North Carolina
United States

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