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The Breema Center has been helping students actualize Breema’s practical approach to self-understanding and purposeful living since 1980.

The classes, workshops, and intensive programs offered by the Center are for anyone interested in a practical way to deepen their relationship to life while nurturing the body.

Breema is taught in a refreshingly experiential manner, and is appropriate for laypersons and health professionals alike.

The Breema Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our tax ID is 46-4099002.

Studying Breema
World headquarters for practitioner certification and continuing education, the Breema Center offers classes, workshops, and intensives for students of all levels.

People come from all over the globe, attracted by Breema’s philosophy, principles, bodywork, and exercises. Studying at the Center, they find essential support for creating a new, unified relationship between the body, mind, and feelings, and for bringing greater harmony and presence to their lives.

The Breema Center maintains an active relationship with students, especially with certified practitioners and instructors. Our website provides an up-to-date international directory of practitioners and listings of classes and presentations by instructors worldwide.

Physical Comfort
Breema is a floor-based method. Participants should be reasonably comfortable sitting and working on a well-padded floor.

For More Information
Your best introduction to Breema is to experience it first-hand. We offer a variety of "Experience Breema Events" where you can receive a complimentary mini-session and participate in Self-Breema exercises. Check the website for upcoming events at the Center or in your area.

Potential students are also invited to call the office, whose staff is available to answer questions about classes and our Certificate program.


Breema® is a simple, natural form of touch and body movement supported by universal principles. The aim of Breema is to bring us to a tangible experience of presence that becomes our foundation for a new dimension of health, consciousness, and self-understanding.

Breema bodywork and Self-Breema exercises use nurturing touch, tension-relieving stretches, and rhythmic movements to create physical, mental, and emotional balance. Breema’s commonsense wisdom guides the practitioner to support the body’s instinctive healing energy, nurturing vitality instead of focusing on symptoms of illness or imbalance.

The Breema philosophy and its Nine Principles of Harmony address the essential nature of life, the deeper meaning of health and how to actualize it, and the means of gaining practical, self-verified knowledge that can lead to an understanding of our unique potential as human beings.

Every aspect of Breema, including the form of the movement, the atmosphere, the practitioner-recipient dynamic, the practitioner’s quality of touch, and the purpose and effect of the sequence or exercise, is a perfect expression of those interrelated principles.

By applying the principles and supporting body-mind connection, Breema facilitates a taste of presence in the body that becomes the foundation of a new dimension of Consciousness.

About Breema


The Breema Center
6076 Claremont Avenue
Oakland, California 94618
United States

The Breema Center is located in the Rockridge area of North Oakland, adjacent to Berkeley. The neighborhood offers a wide variety of restaurants and easy access to public transportation. We are less than an hour from both the Oakland and San Francisco airports, and a short walk from the Rockridge station of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train system.

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