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Dearest Wild Women, This year we are thrilled to be celebrating Wild Women Expeditions’ 27th Anniversary! In nearly three decades of offering a wide variety of outdoor adventures, including canoe and kayak trips, multi-sport adventures, hiking trips and yoga retreats, we’ve learned a few things… Shared Leadership: Our Unique Approach We’ve learned that sharing leadership is a valuable way for all women to grow as outdoors women and build their confidence in the wilderness. For all of our events and trips we provide skilled facilitation and guidance, but our guides leave behind any need to be the ‘heroine’ – the one who knows everything in the group. For each trip there is a wide range of experience; from women who have been professional guides to folks who have paddled a canoe around a cottage to women who have never been camping before. We value those who can whip a canoe up onto their shoulders without help, yes! We equally value the joy and excitement of somebody paddling for the first time, or the woman who makes everyone cry with laughter even though it’s been pouring rain the whole day. Some women can barely paddle their kayak in a straight line yet they can tell a delightfully naughty and highly entertaining rendition of the days events at the end of an exhausting paddle. We know that all women have a contribution to make on a trip. Although we will let you know if a trip requires particular technical skills – such as whitewater paddling – or is physically demanding (though we do provide relaxing alternatives when possible) we generally do not label ‘beginner’ and ‘advanced’ trips. When we review your application, we will advise on whether the trip seems to be a good fit for you. If you have any concerns about your skills or fitness level for a particular trip, we will do our best to ensure that you are comfortable and ready for your adventure! At Wild Women we delight in having a trip with challenge AND relaxation; we balance enjoying the journey just as much as the destination and build choice into the route to meet different women’s wants. We like to get fit while on the trip (not just before!), cook delicious food, take time to swim, watch the sunset and relish in the pleasure of living well! Oh yeah, we laugh – A LOT! Wild Women have a (well deserved) reputation as the ‘bad girls’ of adventure travel — we can sometimes get a bit rowdy and are always up for a good time! We encourage you to try on new hats, let go and get wild. We value freedom of expression and want you to see yourself in a new light – outside of your regular responsibilities and day-to-day roles. Creating a Community of Amazing Women We have learned the importance of creating an inclusive environment on our trips and welcoming diversity. Wild Women members come from a wide range of backgrounds, yet we all share something powerful. We believe in honouring and respecting diversity and welcome women of all ages, sexual orientations, and identities, including transgender women. We do not tolerate comments or behaviours that are oppressive to others and will respectfully address this in conversation if the situation arises! A desire to share our love of the outdoors, our sense of adventure and be in the company of other spirited women is what brings us together. This is the fertile ground that has produced and deepened many incredible relationships over the years…. in the last two decades grandmothers, aunts, sisters, mothers and daughters have bonded; travel and adventure buddies have bloomed; women have met or honeymooned with their partners; self-love has expanded, business partnerships, guide’s careers and life-long friendships have been born! Women return to our trips, events and parties year after year to this magical community that they have helped in creating. We can’t wait to welcome you on a Wild Women adventure!


Wild Women Expeditions
PO Box 20031
Corner Brook, Corner Brook NL A2H 7J5

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