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Emethy (Electro Medicinal Energy Therapy) is a proprietary method that transmits medicinal energy, through glass, via the fingertips within moments of use. Specially formulated herbs and minerals are used in with this unique techinque and because no actual substance enters the body, leaving a chemical residue, there are NO harmful side effects nor can an overdose occur with Emethys astute method. AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE I feel grateful for the extraordinary events that led me to discovering Emethy. I truly believe that everything unfolded, exactly as it did, not only to save my life, but to preserve Emethy's priceless method. Since my first encounter with Emethy, in 1981, I have never had another outbreak of strep throat. Prior to discovering Emethy- from the age of seven years young, I had reoccurring strep throat at least twice a year which involved a trip to the doctor, drugs and days of recovery. I felt then - 32 years ago - as I do now, that I was entrusted with this gift, Emethy, to help the world. Emethy has helped thousands of souls over the last three decades and will continue to do so as long as Emethy is on this earth. Not a day goes by that I don't feel a great sense of gratitude for having this miraculous modality handed to me. My ultimate goal has always been to help others and to introduce Emethy to the world.


25 Abbott Rd. Sedona, AZ
Sedona, Arizona 86338
United States

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