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Using Music for Healing, Therapy, and Expansion of Consciousness: First there is the whole world of music. Music has been used for years to simply help relax people and put them in a better state of mind. After all it has been proven that when someone releases tension and relaxes, their immune system benefits. Application-specific audio includes pain control, neurodevelopmental remediation, relaxation and stress relief, meditation, sleep, accelerated learning, enhanced productivity, consciousness raising, and connecting to spirit. There is also a growing number of musicians that take Psychoacoustics into consideration when producing commercial albums. SOUND HEALING TECHNIQUES Here is a list of Sound Therapy techniques offered in our Sound Therapy Center. For more detail on each of the techniques CLICK HERE to visit our Sound Therapy Center. • Root Frequency Entrainment • Vibroacoustic Therapy (Olav Skille) • Voice Bio (Kae Thompson-Liu) • Sound Healing with the Voice • Neurophone Therapy (Patrick Flanagan) • Chakra Balancing • Tuning Fork Treatments • Sound Design for the Soul (Custom CD Design) • Computer Voice Analysis (Don Estes) • Bio-Tuning (Jeffrey Thompson) • HydroAcoustic Therapy • Tibetan/Crystal Bowl Massage Clinics and Complementary Healing Centers Very specific utilizations of music are now being used in integrative and complementary healing centers, including: * Office and treatment room ambiance * Relaxation techniques, stress reduction, auditory biofeedback * Pain control * Reduction of anesthesia and medications * Correction of auditory tonal processing difficulties * Abatement of hearing sensitivities * Correction of learning disabilities * Birthing assistance * Musical thanatology - music to help with dying What is sound healing? Sound Healing Techniques, Miracle Healings, Hierarchy of Sound & Music, Physical-Mental-Emotional-Spiritual Healing, Sound & Intention, Brainwave Entrainment, Sound of Love, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, and more. Visit our website for more info on these topics.


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