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In spite of the conflict and fear, there is a great transformation occurring in the world. People everywhere, across all cultures and religions are sensing and searching for a more inspired and meaningful life – and finding it! Expect Real Spiritual Experiences That Enhance Your Life As you pursue spirituality personally, you can expect very specific experiences. 1) A Flow of Synchronicity 2) A Guiding Intuition: For a Higher Quality of Life 3) An Awareness of What Holds You Back 4) A Life of Purpose 5) A Sense of Inner Security I hope you are inspired to reach toward your dreams and live with unrestricted health. Learning to live consciously will effectively lead you to your greatest self. Become aware, hold the vision, look for Synchronicity and TRUST IT. Join The Celestine Vision Radio Show or Visit my website to get started today! Blessings on your journey, JAMES REDFIELD

Celestine Prophecy with James Redfield


  • James Redfield is the author of THE CELESTINE PROPHECY series, including the newest installment, THE TWELFTH INSIGHT.

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