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Calistoga, CA
Honorable Rewards !

I had the honor to put workshops and certification programs together for the American Academy of Reflexology for over 6 years. I also went through the program, became certified and experienced first hand the magnificent of this master teacher. He teaches from the 5 senses, so everyone learns from their own personal gifts. He once introduced me at a Reflexology Conference and said when you are looking to hire someone, make sure they can do the job better then you – you will then know you have the right person. Well, these are the precise words I would say about Bill – a humble, dedicated, kind, brilliant man. Bill’s attention to detail and his passion for Reflexology is beyond! Reflexology is for everyone – if you only use on yourself, or your family you benefit throughout your entire life. As a career, you will serve and be rewards greater then you can imagine. r

October 2014

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