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Dr. Steve StevePratt300Steven Pratt, M.D., FACS, ABIHM, is a world-renowned authority on the role of nutrition and lifestyle in the prevention of disease and optimizing health. He is the author of the New York Times bestselling SuperFoods Rx, and has appeared on major national media including Today, The View, and Oprah. His books have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, O, Time, Newsweek, Men’s Health, Shape, Martha Stewart Living, and other publications. Dr. Pratt is a senior staff ophthalmologist at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California, and a clinical assistant professor of ophthalmology at the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Pratt is considered by many to be the father of the SuperFoods movement. He is the creator of the original SuperFoods grouping of powerhouse foods with scientifically validated health benefits and clinically proven, positive impacts on health promotion and disease prevention. These SuperFoods, initially 14, now expanded to 25—along with their related “sidekicks”—have become the basis of a body of groundbreaking medical and nutritional recommendations, and 5 powerful books on improving lifelong health. Through his active medical practice and his primary and secondary research, Dr. Pratt has developed an extraordinary body of knowledge about preventing many of the diseases physicians are called upon to treat, and the role that diet, lifestyle and environment play in health and wellness promotion. Referred to as “The Food Dude” by Oprah, Dr. Pratt is a recognized medical researcher, practitioner, lecturer, educator and writer. His most recent book, SuperFoods Rx For Pregnancy: The Right Choices For A Healthy, Smart, Super Baby, addresses one of the most important and sensitive phases of a couple’s life and the simple, rewarding ways to help assure the healthiest possible life for both baby and parents. SuperFoods Rx: Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life SuperFoods Rx, a New York Times bestseller, launched a movement and created what has now become a widely recognized, scientifically based approach to diet and health. SuperFoods Rx is built on a simple but profound premise: some foods are dramatically better than others for your health and longevity. SuperFoods Rx not only outlines the amazing health benefits of the original 14 powerhouse foods identified by Dr. Pratt, it also includes delicious recipes, kitchen tips, and shopping suggestions that make the SuperFoods lifestyle simple and irresistible.

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