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The Doctor Weighs In (TDWI) was started in 2005 by Patricia (Pat) Salber as a blog about obesity and weight loss. As years passed, TDWI began to add a cadre of wonderful writers, both regular and occasional contributors. You can check who our regular contributors are HERE! The topics covered have expanded and we now cover all aspects of health care. These are some of our most popular categories: Cancer | Cardiology | Drugs & Pharmacology | Entrepreneurs | Exercise & Fitness | Food & Nutrition | Geriatrics | Genomics | Global Health | Hospital Management | Innovative Companies | Lifestyle | Medicine | Mental Health | Metabolism & Biochemistry | Obesity & Weight Loss | Patients | Patient Safety | Physicians | Policy | Primary Care | Psychiatry | Psychology & Neurobiology | Stress & Relaxation | Technology | Wellness


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Crystal Caves Museum in Atherton

Crystal Caves Museum in Atherton

in Aquariums, Spiritual centers, Minerals, Crystals, ALL LISTINGS

Crystal Caves Museum in Atherton This virtual cave gives the feeling of finding these natural formations yourself. Carefully positioned and delicately lit, you are free to discover in your own time and encouraged to touch and photograph the crystals.

VSA - Vibrational Sound Association

VSA - Vibrational Sound Association

in Educator, Music, Personal Growth, Sound Therapy, Certification, ALL LISTINGS

The Vibrational Sound Association (VSA) focuses on education using unique instruments such as singing bowls - through teaching, workshops, training, and sound therapy. The VSA is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.