Tomar Levine


My passion to inspire and empower those who yearn to make a difference in the world has grown in me over the years till it’s become a strong and steady flame. But it wasn’t always so. As an exhibiting visual artist, I never expected to be Helping others for a livinFrom then on my quest led me to study, learn, and practice numerous metaphysical and healing approaches, holistic psychotherapy, art therapy, and finally, after many years, to become a Life Purpose and Career coach. The urgency to help bring about a better world – to help midwife a new reality became a burning passion. And so my work was born: helping to inspire and empower those who, like me, feel passionately called to make a difference and who, like me, have sometimes had trouble following that call. I love that my work now combines spiritual, intuitive, psychological, and practical aspects. At the beginning of my spiritual journey, channeling was one of the things that impacted my life. I also love the play of intellect and psychological awareness. It’s joyful to me to combine my intuitive skills as a channel of the Akashic Records (a field of wisdom and love containing the imprint of every soul) with my attuned and creative coaching/visioning work. As someone who brings together right- and left-brain abilities, I take equal pleasure in offering my clients visionary inspiration and insight for their highest potentials, grounded practical strategies for their business, and skillful methods to clear what’s holding them back. Nothing gives baume more joy than being a midwife to another’s sacred work!


191 Claremont Ave. #43
New York, New York 10027
United States

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