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Worldwide Wisdom Directory is here to ignite a ferocious promise of what lies just ahead. Go on an adventure with us to make discoveries that can alter your understanding of our Universe as we provide you with educational choices and new perspectives. We are all here to expand our knowledge collectively about our-selves, our ancestors, the never-ending search for ultimate wellness and heartfelt relationships.





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Robert &  Zeljka from Oughten House International


DNA Activation & ZeRo Point Healing

An integral part of our mission involves the networking and disseminating of the Foundation's focused information globally.

Topics include the advancement of:



Video: Change Your Beliefs, Change Your World #1




Cindy & Dean Silverlock ~ Metamorphosis Center



 Using spinal reflex points to ease unconscious tension. Unconscious tension is an invisible barrier that inhibits your ability to cope and function, as well as to heal from the past.

 As unconscious tension eases it is easier to…                                                                




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