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We have over 35 years experience as business owners, over 30 years experience with marketing and advertising, and 13 years publishing a successful alternative magazine; including promoting and hosting events. Join us now, with our extensive collaboration of resources, all updated for the hottest holistic directory available! 



Ronney Aden - President, WorldwideWisdomDirectory.com

Ronney is CEO of Blending Excellence Foundation (formerly President of Inner Worlds Foundation), a non-profit 501 (c) 3. Prior Ronney was founder, owner and publisher of Inner Words Magazine, for over 13 years. She also successfully owned and operated 2 small business in Calistoga, CA. Experiencing personal tragedies and triumphs surrounding our conventional medical models and institutions lead Ronney down the path to search for other avenues to treat illness. Bringing forth her knowledge from countless hours of mainstream medicine, testing, diagnosis, treatments and outcomes, Ronney has the innate vision of a combined medical model, fusing the best of our conventional models including technological medical advances with the unwaivering success of ancient remedies, cultural modalities, alternative therapies and treatments, inner awareness and personal beliefs.

Through countless personal interactions Ronney has networked her way through the alternative communities, documenting and learning about these therapies and how they continue to benefit us, especially when combined with contemporary medicine. Through these connections, it is possible to format new panels, able to offer the best advice and treatments based on certain illnesses or imbalances. Ronney is convinced as are many others, that embracing the best of these worlds, we hold the key to universal wellness. These beliefs lead to the formation of Inner Words Magazine. Ronney is Certified in Reflexology, Handwriting Analysis, and Results Now.


Bradley Aden - Marketing, Graphic Design, Social Media - WorldwideWisdomDirectory.com

Bradley has mastered many graphic design courses, hundreds of hours of social media and SEO training and has his BA from Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, and an AA from Santa Barbara City College. He continues his quest in the infinite learning atmosphere of graphic design. We are elated to include Bradley on our WorldwideWisdomDirectory team and he has taken on the all- encompassing task of being our Marketing Manager and our Social Media and SEO Specialist. He encourages us to write more and is a major contributor to our website and cause. Bradley is the mastermind behind LegendsSF.com, a clothing company has an impressive depth of sports knowledge built into every design produced on the shirts. His blogs attract an array of followers and his writings are knowledgeable, distinctive and fascinating. Vnisit Bradley’s site and check out his clothing and his blog at LegendsSF.com


Heidi Aden - CEO, Graphic Design, Social Media - WorldwideWisdomDirectory.com

Heidi was Assistant to the Publisher, Editor, graphic designer, event coordinator and accountant for Inner Words Magazine for over 8 years. Acquiring managerial and accounting skills while participating in family businesses. She brings forward over 25 years experience with office management, graphic design, accounting and customer service expertise. She was Secretary on the board for Inner Worlds Foundation, and served as a key coordinator for the Dr. Deepak Chopra event , as well as numerous other events sponsored and promoted by Inner Words magazine. Currently Heidi still holds the Secretary position on the board for Evolving Health Education (formerly known at Inner Worlds Foundation). 

When very young, Heidi was faced with medical challenges induced by a neglectful doctor. For years, almost on a daily basis, fighting infection and pain, Heidi along with her family, had experienced and endured the world of conventional doctors and prescription medicine. Driven to be “prescription free” and determined to discredit lifelong diagnosis, she has been able to experience life without a daily regime of infection and antibiotics. Through these experiences, Heidi believes, that by embracing the best of complimentary medicine, seeking integrative practitioners, enhancing inner awareness and personal belief, are all instrumental to achieve the best results for life and optimum wellness.



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